30 January 2007

In the MAPP Armoury

In the shadow of the rose window in the limestone wall and of the bell tower of the church across the street I have been working to prepare loaner helms made by Isard for neofighters. Above pic is one with its first layer of foam padding duck taped in place. Below is a larger-head helm before I started on it. After padding it, this is the one I wore this past Sunday during fighter practice.

My personal armouring started with making a needed gorget. Pictured above is leather bought on Saturday at a local saddlery. I then had to draft a needed pattern for the complicated collar pieces.

The cut pieces loosely aligned overtop their pattern templates, with rivets and the not cut leather strip for the buckle straps.

The finished gorget riveted together this afternoon before the addition of foam padding inside the collar and under the front and back plates. It went together quite easily. I'm pleased with the results. Next is some chain mail . . .

T-shirt: NSCAD after "I will not make boring art"—John Baldessari
loc: MAPP Armoury
temp: -14 C
sound: Sting Songs from the Labyrinth

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