11 January 2007

Intended return

Today is the last day for the travel insurance policy purchased last August. Right now I was supposed to be on a transatlantic Air Can plane flying from Frankfurt to Montreal . . .

This is the lable from a bottle of the good stuff brought back when I returned early, almost two months ago, in mid November. This is a grape brandy from Montegegro, strong at 47 per cent, very clear, very cleansing.

What with so much other stuff happening in my space since my return, for the longest time I hadn't felt that I'd actually returned. Certainly didn't get to settle and relax. Things are getting better of late. Straightened out. Sorted. Settled.

I now have some space to breathe. My old space mostly recovered but, realistically, still too crowded with boxes of Broken books and files so I have more to do in the archives and inventory storage departments. Have several author readings or workshops to lead coming up in the next month. Have several freelance work projects falling into place for the next few months. Have ideas to write out, to explore and let run with my imagination. I've things to do, people to see, and as yet no big trips planned for 2007 . . . but who knows what tomorrow or next week may bring?

T-shirt: 100 Mile House, B.C. "bald eagles"
loc: Fredericton
temp: -13 C
sound: The Chieftains, The Long Black Veil

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jackie said...

How cryptic is all that space stuff except for those who know! I have been wondering how you are fairing and if everything has been removed yet?