01 January 2007

Happy New(s) Year

or Bonne année!
or Happy Nude Year
or Happy Dude Year
or Happy Snooze Year
or Nova godina
or Happy New Year
or ¡Feliz Año Neuvo!
or . . . .

To everyone, everywhere:
May the year 2007 be a better year!
Cheers! Slante! Živjeli!

T: blue, not-marked
loc: Fredwolfnight
temp: -10 C
sound: Bruce Guthro live on stage from Parade Square, Halifax, Nova Scotia, on ATV


Vic Rattlehead said...

Off topic: Why did you quit teaching in University of East Sarajevo? Nad happy new year of course! :)

Broken Joe said...

Why? Lack of money for life, for living expenses including food, rent, utilities, travel, clothes. I didn't receive a paycheques from the university while teaching there. Was informed that the Republika Srpska Ministry of Education hadn't released any faculty salaries for September onwards and the faculty accountant had no idea when they might be released to the university. Not receiving income put me in an impossible position financially.
It was a very disappointing decision that I had to make.