14 January 2007

Olaf's first fighter practice

Happy Orthodox New Year's Day!

A day to do something new,
something different . . .

I'm still waiting for an email with the link to the pics and vids taken by and uploaded by Lord Isard from this afternoon's MAC fighter practice in Oromocto, but at least, for now, I have this self-portait taken in the middle of putting on the loaner armour (much of it build or bought by Isard while @ King's College, Halifax). Mind you, when he wrote, on list, that he had this armour, he called it "loner armour". I can understand that. Minds me of the "one Wolf" on that ol' funny Laverne & Shirley sitcom. Isard is the only member of the Iron Wolf household in the shire.

Finally, it has happened. I've been waiting a long time for this. I put on armour. Started learning sword & board. The old fart learning from twa of th most unorthodox fighers in the shire, but I will learn. I will position myself and strike. Up against Tony for my first learning is steep. I'm the one with the burgandy arms. He's an ex-Marine whose been fighting in the Society for Creative Anachronism for 15 or so years (and is nine years younger than me). There's a steep learning curve ahead for me! I was hit. I struck his shield repeatedly with my sword.

Pic of "Olaf" from today:

It's a long way to Senta
It's a long way to Rome
It's a long way to Pennsic
It's a long way to home . . .
I really feel like I was doing something active this afternoon, but I don't feel as hurt as I could (or probably should). I'm so not gym-trained, or truly fit (other than legs from walking and cycling, and the rest of my body hefting cartons of stubborn poetry books and unsolicited manuscripts :-) but at least I do something and know/want to do more . . .

Shirt: Canadian Wildlife
loc: Fredfootball
temp: -5 C
sound: NE @ SD (NFL)

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