22 March 2006

Trudeau to Ottawa Rapidair

On the nonstop Montreal to Ottawa flight, an Airbus A319. rob's parent's Maxville farm somewhere below the cloud cover . . .

This plane too hot for comfort at start of flight. Presume that it has just been sitting here warming up.

Row 16 is a curious one with only two hospitality seats in the space of three with an over-wing emergency exit beside me. On both flights today, I am put in the role of can opener in the unlikely event of an emergency being called. Don't have a seat neighbour on this flight. Nice! A small elbow room and leg room bonus-tradeoff for the potential responsibility, three stowage areas under the row of seats in front.

Plane appears to be equipped for enroute tv & music but, on this 20-min flight, they don't distribute headphones. [So short a flight that they even distribute cuppettes of juice before we left the terminal.] Travel geek that I am, I have a set of AirCan headphones in my laptop carrying case from some transatlantic or transcontinental flight. They work! enrouteFM is onboard—but there's such an excess of "pour votre securite" messages cutting into the songs that there's not much listening time.

This is one of the few flights I've been on where I feel disorientated—as if we're not really flying westnorthwest but some other direction . . .

T-shirt: Keiths
loc: AC1183 @ 14,000 feet
sound: enrouteFM, Jack Johnson

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