06 March 2006


distant surf or the quiet
singing of water in pipes
similar to computer fan
under desk accidental white
noise from the office room

buddy upstairs and his here
for march break girlfriend
clump up the stairwell at
4:38 after a night at boom!
and turn tv or something on

night dreams had travelled
tossed voluntary seat rental
on cafe counter to shut whine
not there to eat but invited
to meet a passing through

creaking dry wood bedframe
the adjustments of two where
one usually is not the awake
in cool daylight hard riding
as universe orbits intersect

days without hearing yells
friendly pay attention! heads
on more activity-events for
fool leaping east to east over
ocean and mountains to land

need music larger than classical
guitar and funky bassoon to drown
those angels above while wrestling
slowed serpents in new otter water
waiting for the coming fool's day

loc: cptn's seat
temp: -3 C
sound: Yvonne Kershaw & Steven Peacock, Canciones y Leyendas

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