14 March 2006

Hse on George Street

Remember the Housefire On George St that I photographed and blogged about before CBC Radio?

Well, yesterday and today I noticed dumptrucks of what looks like house deconstruction going by my office window. Couldn't help but notice 'cause of the noise and vibration of their gearing down and braking for the traffic lights @ York.

This eve, en route to CHSR in the post thunder & lightning rain showers I went along George toward Carleton to discover that it was the housefire building that was being torn down, apart from the buildings connected to it.

No more apartment where Tranquilla or friends once lived, where Jenn Brayton once lived, where ? lived . . . It's gone.

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sound: CHSR webcast, Mingles Not Singles


Jackie said...

It is always sad to see the end of an era. I felt sad when "they" tore my old appartment at the bottom of Regent down and put up the big brick building that now resides on the corner. Remember the place? It was above the convienence store accross from the old Deli (now where Snooty Fox is). You must have been in that set of apartments at one point. It seemed like half of Fredericton passed through at one point or another. Or were you even in town then? This would have been late 80's.

Joe Blades said...

In 1988 I was eating in the original Dimitri's and La Vie en Rose. Those yellow walls. the lovely lighting. Around the corner, yet in the same building, was the conveniece store with the Lebanese videos. Red and that bunch. The setting for the fictionalized Sweet Pother Prophesy by Titus. Anabananz next door. I was living in a streetfront room @ 72 Regent when those building were torn down and steel was driven deep through gravel to bedrock around 130 feet down to make the hole then filled and overbuilt with the condo(m) and office tower overtop of Barker's Lane.