28 June 2007

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Mireille is the first one over the fence and into the new pool.
Dwayne is trying to keep his head above water.
Kateri is going insane lisitening to the construction in front of the house . . .
Jon is pretty sure The End is the soundtrack to Hell.
Sabrina is really glad we are done with N.E.S.
Warren is pooka press.
Sharon is is having a banner day.
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Profile Picture
Tamara is really not looking forward to having to robe for law talking in this heat.
Eric is thinking about his next work.
Emiko is finding the life of a rap artist a difficult one to lead.
George is way behind in everything.
Stuart is a book who is meeting Degen & Chambers for lunchville.
Steve is afraid of Etobicoke.
Corey is counting sleeps till he goes home to NB for a visit - 15.
Greg is shocked about the Chris Benoit incident!
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Ran is thinking of new ways to promote his '350 Rans' photo performance.
Michael is sharing chapter 2 with you now.
Darren is now the western in "spaghetti western."
Melissa is standing beneath an orange sky.
Caine is all about cheering a capital night with N. Zealand Bro an Sis in Suwon! Cheers!
Lee is even more stuffed up, and his head hurts, and so he sighs.
Todd is recording more poets in Soho today.
Carleton is reminded of the consummate Vs Strongbad demanded of himself whilst creating Trogdor the Burninator. No, seriously.
Jennifer is studying Mae West.
Jessi is in love . . . life, beer, travel, and adventure.
Alan is now eating a big thick creamy bowl . . . of cereal.
John is having a week where everyday feels like a monday, but he's looking forward to rockin out to Nickleback and Buck Cherry with his son Christian!!!
Dennis is all knowing concerning roma werewolves and reading palms.
Chris is back.
Jacqueline is is hot and sweaty and going swimming!
Evan is happy his Rose is still there.
Amber is leaving in the morning.
Dan is awake. barely.
Nancy is just planting a rose called "intrigue".
Emily is annoyed to discover that Books and iRead are different aps, and that she still can't see what half her friends are reading.
Shauna is going to the opening for Kip Jones' installation Walkman at Struts.
Shantell is made of cheese.
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Catherine is as mercurial as the edmonton seasons.
Ryan is almost.
John is is well fed on great food and didn't have to do any cooking.
Patricia is looking for a beautiful mind . . . Haven't found one yet. Perfection is an elusive quality.
Michel is getting ready to play music all day . . . wow what a show in the air last night . . . electrifying.
Silas is finished posting his Newfoundland photo album.
Moe is ready to roam on red soil.
Penn is anxious that you NOT come to her OCAD reading on Thurs. as it has been postponed!
Corey is in Brooklyn for a week, and will be back in Canada on Canada Day.
Shannon is excited that she got her passport!
Ashok is looking 2 a fast and furious immediate future.
Dana is in Fredericton.
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Milan is excited Piper Perabo will play @ his party on Friday! And that Bill Hachey is coming. :].
Johannes is a Leftenant Zombie.
Carson is leaving for a three year stint in Peru this August, and very excited indeed!!
Jeannine is giving the appearance of working in a gvt office, but is really out driving her JETTA!
Ralph is stoked! BBC Liverpool is running a Bongo Beat radio special on june 30th!
Cheryl is finally back in vancouver!
Diane is looking forward to a day of wandering and writing.
Peter is still getting ready for the next camping event.
Butterfly is wondering how to go about luring fireflies to her house . . . surely there is a way, a scent . . . ?****
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Debra is enjoying making a map of where she's been.
Lee is out of halifax into florenceville.
Brenda is Holy Lighning Batman!! No sleep last night!

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