26 June 2007

APB, 26 June 2007

Show started with a feature on poet Tchitala Kamba and her book+CD L'exilée de Makelele (St Boniface: Éditions de Plaines). Two by R.C. Weslowski followed: "ww3: war on the worms" & "memo from the gods". Sheri-D Wilson with "Famous Five". Second half of the show featured John Stiles and Scouts are Cancelled. Was just enough time at the show end for "It takes time to understand the stone" by Drek Daa.

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sound: The U.S. Bombs "Explosion"

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John Stiles said...

Joe got the Ugly today, (thanks) reading this and like, especially, the T.L. Cowan poem: 'kiting into a new reality' is a good line (I think, no?) and the Billeh Nickerson part about ...effing Gretzky and effing Lemieux and so on...a puck to the heart! I'm chicken and too lazy to review more but I'm still cluck cluck clucking... a hockey chicken? no..no...no... a weiner boiler most the time... Holy Cow, Holy Mo.

There, a review sort of thanks,

John Stiles