27 June 2007

The 24-hour zine thing!

The webpage for the 2007 24-hour zine thing is up and running at The 24-hour zine thing!. They're ready for your sign up if you're interested in attempting the challenge this year. And what a challenge! To make a 24-page zine in 24-hours from start to finish! You can sign up at any time, but remember that you need to complete your zine during the month of July. And whether you complete your zine or not, you'll still get a button just for trying. For those that finish their zines, the organizer will send out a copy of their 24-hour zine . . . or if that should fail *gasp* participants will get a few issues of the perzine. Either way, everyone is a winner!

There's also a button design contest. They're still accepting design submissions until July 15. We've got a few so far, and they'll be put up on the web page in the near future. Buttons will be 1 inch round, and the design is up to you! You might not be rich and famous, but your button will travel and be adored by affectionate zinesters.

T-shirt: Gaspereau Press
loc: fredhotspot
temp: 26 C
sound: Bob Marley & The Wailers "Jamming"

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