08 June 2007

first edmonton

two of many big mother safety features found in student res:

it was about 12:20 am (3:30 am fred time) that i got through check-in and into my room in schaffer hall. air can was late leaving toronto because of refueling but arrived onlt 3 minuted behind schedule. poet mick burrs was on same plane and he suggested that i might get a drive into ed with his ride with the incoming pres, maurice mierau (from winnipeg), and his father. it worked. was driven to the door of lister con centre. thanks!

morning sky out my res window

lo-res of the article and my poem-photo

article on rob mclennan, incoming writer-in-res @ u of alberta on the bottom of the same book page in today's journal.

big thanks to richard helm, journal books editor!

shirt: burgany dress shirt
loc: rm 516, lister hall/schaffer hall
temp: 16 C
sound: red hot chili peppers stadium arcadium (disc 2)

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Jackie said...

Glad that you got in alright. Nice view too!