06 June 2007

Fredericton "Words of the World"

I'd like to thank everyone who joined me at the reading plinth for Fredericton "Palabra del Mundo / Words of the World" Simultaneous Poetry Reading on 28 May 2007—Biff Mitchell, Ashley Sanford (her first public reading), Edward Gates (from Belleisle Creek), Kimberley Gautreau (from Moncton), José Luis Hoyos, & WhiteFeather Christie Hunter—and all who came to listen, to hear us. I've added an album of photos that I took there (with none of me, but Biff or Dorina likely has pics of me).

A gallery shot showing several of the readers and audience: Biff on the floor, Kimberly in the chair, Ashley along the wall.

Artist Dorina Gates and poet Edward Gates; artist Adam Macdonald to their left.

José Luis Hoyos who gave an impromptu translation into English then read his poem in its original Spanish.

Kimberley Gautreau reading for the first time in Fredericton.

WhiteFeather holding and breathing fire.

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temp: 12 C
sound: Frank Zappa Sheik Yerbouti

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