21 November 2006

was / was not

last sunday i was not waiting beside tito's blue train to meet the van of road faculty and drive west across plains and over mountains

last night i wasn't in the department office after hours on the one computer with internet access to check email and write another blog posting or any of the more serious stuff that appears and disappears as fast and far away as the meteors in saturday night's sky before cloud cover obscured all

this morning i was not in the department office before classes started to see another great plume of black coal smoke rise from the generally sawdust-burning town heating plant to mark the mountain sky

i did not turn from the window to see the malnourished office with its plain desks and one bookcase and on the wall over the rickety table closet to the door a flag and map of canada

the two morning classes already done so it's either lunch break and i'm not now standing in an assigned faculty apartman looking out its window or teaching a third class in a row as the faculty van climbs out of pale through the tunnel in its run back to beograde with a load of visiting professors and lektors

T-shirt: New Brunswick Highland Games & Scottish Festival
loc: Fredvalley
temp: -1 C
sound: light traffic through closed window

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