06 November 2006


hawks circle overhead
hunting from above
these dying fields

old woman's summer gone
and autumn almost driven
out before it has settled

there's frost in shadows
the first thin clear ice
on ponds and road ruts

on bank of the tisa
it's sun-warm with
autumn-chill wind

the welcome mat
long ago dog-chewed
and thrown away

deliveries of tree roots
deliveries of firewood
deliveries of brown coal

drying acorns changed
from green to brown
often lose their caps

paprikas on withered plants
pears and apples on branches
cabbage heads still in rows

coka town across reka tisa
and open fields now appears
thru nearly bare poplar grove

across from town hall
the fountain is shut off
and its pool drained

skein of geese above tito park
tonight i want nothing
one deer beer in the fridge but . . .

again i forgot the best lines
i'll never write down
that i leave noncommittal

today's sun thru clouds
looks like snow coming
then midafternoon flakes

in absolute yes-no land
goodbye and thanks
i can haul my own ass

sometimes it's boring
that's life or a part of it
how much nothing to afford

folded against wall like sofa-bed
toes crack for what reason?
i expect no phone calls tonight

forget about the tv repairs
i'll watch my stuffed suitcases
for a few more days

more to watch on a wall
water-stained or on a labelled
well-travelled steamer trunk

the fridge is empty
and unplugged again
no paintball or banana co

just a few fallen leaves
rustle in the gutters
blow across cobblestones

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