29 November 2006

Joe & ? to appear on Trevor Doyle LIVE

In an email seen at 1:50 am today:
November 28, 2006

Hello everybody, allison here with the announcement for the next odd sundays at molly’s event.

This Sunday, December 3, Joe Blades will read from his ever-growing body of work. We are all lucky that Joe has been working quietly and persistently over the years, keeping literature and book arts vigorous within and outside of this poetry province of ours. (Yay New Brunswick!) I am glad of his work, and glad he will be reading for us on Sunday.

To be noted: We will be on tv.

Channel 10 will be filming the odd sundays event this coming sunday. Specifically, Rogers will be gathering footage for use on Trevor Doyle Live, to be used in an episode that will focus on local poetry. This show will be aired the next day, Monday, December 4 in the evening, and possibly re-broadcast on Tuesday, December 5 at 2pm.

The tv show will tell the non-poets in the viewing audience what poetry is, allowing them to experience the richness of imagery, the elegance of lyricism, and the visceral power of metaphor. But it seems to me we should also be prepared to let everybody in on the unbridled joy that poetry revels in. In any case, for the open set, i suggest you bring a funny poem if you can—or banter, burlesque, caricature, causticity, chaffing, irony, lampoonery, mockery, parody, pasquinade, persiflage, raillery, sarcasm, satire, send-up, spoof, travesty, wit (especially wit)—along with the usual earnest stuff.

Our brief discussion following the featured reader and just before the open set, will focus on world poetry—which is to say, world poetry in translation. Perhaps Joe Blades will be able to enlighten us on his path to translation and readings in Serbia. (Surprise, Joe. Just thought i would spring this on you now rather than on sunday.)

It should be an exciting day. Hope to see you all there.

Take care,

This afternoon I received a phone call from Kirk Pennell, Producer, asking if I was available to appear live with other not-named poets on the Trevor Doyle LIVE program on Rogers Television's New Brunswick network this coming Monday night, 4 Dec 2006, 8 pm. This is in addition to the footage being shot @ Molly's on Sunday. Of course, I said, "yes."

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