15 November 2006

sometimes the unexpected

sometimes the unexpected happens . . . things fall apart . . . or never quite come together the way that was expected . . . required . . . promised . . . hoped . . . and a moment comes when you say "enough" or "this isn't working" or "help" or "i'm outta here" . . . sometimes it's the facilities or equipment . . . sometimes it's interpersonal . . . sometimes inadequate cash flow (from sales, wage or salary) . . . sometimes it's the travel or support structure . . . unexpected health issues . . . changes in rules and regulations . . . the weather . . . life's like that!

Yesterday, I was walking along Queen Street for the first time in over twelve weeks. Jackie, on the other sidewalk, called out, "What are you doing?"
       I replied, "Going to the credit union and post office."
       "No, not that. What are you doing in Canada?"
       "Oh," with a funny smile on my face, "Full-time job, but no paycheck in sight . . . nothing received. Couldn't borrow money indefinitely just to live when I was working for supposedly double the average income."
       "No. You do need money do pay for things. We'll talk later. Am on a mission . . . " and from further down the block, "You owe me a beer!"
       "Sure!" I said, while laughing.

T shirt: "That which does not kill us, still hurts a lot."
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that sucks!