16 November 2006

some odd sundays at molly's

19 Nov, 2 pm: reading—odd sundays at molly's features Fredericton poet Robert Hawkes, author of several books including Poems for the Christmas Season (Broken Jaw) and Cranmer and Pole—Archbishops (Broken Jaw).

3 Dec, 2 pm: reading—odd sundays at molly's features Fredericton writer Joe Blades, author of several books including River Suite (Insomniac Press) and Casemate Poems (Widows & Orphans). There will also be an open mic set.

In October 2004, I was asked by Allison, and agreed, to be the inaugeral featured reader at the very first odd sundays at molly's. For several years I had coordinated the BS Poetry Society's River Readings series at Molly's Coffee House. Before that I had shown up to listen and read in Matt Stranach's Burnt Poems Served Hot open mic reading series when Molly's was in a different location on Queen Street.

odd sundays at molly's
Molly's Coffee House
554 Queen St
Fredericton, NB
For more info contact: Allison Calvern

T-shirt: Odawa Pow Wow
loc: Fredhiton
temp: 12 C
sound: Mr Something Something

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,
The only thing that I have to say is that I missed you and I am glad that you are home, however, on a side note I am sorry for the circumstances in which you ended up coming home. Take rest in knowing that you are safe and sound amoung friends and family. Give Peter and I a call sometime, we would like to hear from you.