06 December 2007

too . . . whatever!

Too busy, too tired, très occupié, too . . . whatever!

I've not been blogging near of late as I was earlier this year. Looks a little sad to mostly see reports on the weekly episodes of Ashes, Paper & Beans—not that I'm disapointed the the radio show. Far from it. I've been very, very happy with the quantity and quality of interview guests that I've had this autumn.

I've been busy with the ongoing Film & Television Certificate workshop series; with the Art Bank day job; with my own book projects (solo and anthologies) in the works; with a ficton mess I'm writing and hopefully wrangling them into linked short stories or possibly a novel. Ambitious, but eventually doable. Am also busy working to get a Broken Jaw Press book through the printing process before the holidays settle upon us like the snowstorm of early this week; with League tasks; with BlackTop MotorCycle Gang readings activities; with my various other arts interests and activities.

T-shirt: Guinness (under black Arrow dress shirt)
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temp: -11 C
sound: Brian Eno Ambient 1: Music for Airports

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