27 December 2007

New book: Imagination in Action

In the last mail I collected at Box 596 [no, I don't live there!] before Christmas was a thick bubble envelope from Carol Malyon. Finally opened it today, my first real day back in town.

Contained two copies of the Imagination in Action anthology edited by Carol Malyon and published by The Mercury Press in Toronto. [ISBN 978-1-55128-132-2, 220 pp, $19.95] The book was launched 13 Nov, in Toronto at a fall line launch by The Mercury Press.

The next event planned for this book will happen 7:30 pm, Wednesday, 30 Jan 2008 at the Cameron House (back room), 408 Queen St West, Toronto ON. [Wish I could be there but that's so not likely on my cash flow theses days.] Might be visuals projected or selected readings . . .? There will be a party with music and dancing . . .
"Folks, step this way. Yes, folks, see Canadian artists and writers dancing. Be amazed and astounded by this unlikely collection of human being all in one room. Buy a copy of the book and gain admittance. Step this way: Right. Right. Left. Right. Hop. Right. Twirl. (repreat). That's right, folks, don't be shy."
I'm one of 44 contributors—painters, sculptors, musicians, poets, novelists, teachers, actors . . . all artists of some stripe—who wrote down some of their thoughts on "creativity" . . . how we create art, how we choose its medium, or how we get chosen, what we do, how we live art.

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