12 December 2007


thought about it for years
but never acted upon it
even talked about it
and was urged by others
but i'm not on to fall
easily under peer pressure
but the desire was there
to separate self from broken
and that began years ago
before its incorporation
and now the web has hived
and I'm wandering a little
further afield solo alone
without "miss you" thoughts
and i've build nothing
fancy dancer or flashy
just a basic inukshuk
to mark the people's passage
from tangible through ether
to wherever I end up
and most all that i do
en route to that point

T: NSCAD, "I will not make boring art"—John Baldessari
loc: postbikewalkto334storage
temp: -5 C, chill like -12 C
sound: Killing Joke Pandemonium

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