18 December 2007

APB, 18 Dec 2007

Ashes, Paper & Beans started with "The Natural State of Man" poem by Fortner Anderson.

Special guest tonight: Richard Lemm from Charlottetown, PEI.
[I've known him as a poet for something over a score of years; since 1980ish through Leslie Choyce of Pottersfield Press.] In the first half of the show, we had a lively discussion on the arts; the Banff Centre; and on the writing and publishing community of Prince Edward Island.

In the second half, we promoted his new collection of short fiction, Shape of Things to Come(Charlottetown: Acorn Press) and he read excerpts from two short stories in the collection. Richard will also be promoting the book at 7 pm, Thursday, 20 Dec @ Westminster Books on King St, Fredericton.

Show ended with the "Emergency" poem by Hugh Hazelton followed by a recorded PSA for "Unsilent Night" happening at 7 PM, Friday.
[Last live show by me this year. I'll be back live on New Year's Day 2008.]
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