07 December 2007

Snowbots Last Night

T'was the night before another Friday
and all along George Street, Fredericton,
residents were pulled from their slumber
and some, myself included, lept from beds
to see the noise and lights in the night

A pack of yellow snowbots aflashing
and peebing as they bullied snowbanks
away from sidewalks and coffer-loving
parking meters stiffly standing guard
onto the road in front of the big grader

Later to arrive on the scene, the hungry,
rotating maw of a giant snowblower
and a waitstaff line of empty trucks
long as the street getting filled
and rushing the snow away from here
Fourth night in a row that I was disturbed from my sleep. Every night since diring the Monday-Tuesday snowstorm. Awoke at 2:40 AM this morning, bit it was after 4:30 before they were done. Wednesday night they were on York, @ the front of the building, capturing snowbanks there. Tuesday night they were pushing those same snowbanks back from the street and clearing sidewalks not done during Monday night or Tuesday day. I've no snap today. Woke feeling drugged like après surgery . . . but it's nothing serious—this night surgery—having my snowbanks removed. Yesterday morning was far more productive. Today I changed an image drum and am now told my toner is empty . . .

T-shirt: Mojo Club, Senta
loc: postsnowbots
temp: -12 C
sound: Canciones y Legendas: Songs and Legends for Bassoon and Guitar by Yvonne Kershaw, bassoon, and Steven Peacock, classical guitar

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