26 May 2007

A Question of Perspective

did neil armstrong discover the moon?
no way, man, it wasn't like that
just because you see it first
or step on it first
doesn't make it yours
finders keepers be damned
posession is 9/10ths of bad law
he's got the darkness in him
endless guilt by association

attila rode and rode west
over the vastest landmass
fighting his every move
columbus found islands
on his western horizon
and was a confused man
merchant sailor vespucci
found land and more land
south of those islands

a german amateur geographer
clergyman and writer waldseemüller
willfully named it america
in a lterary club published
introduction to cosmology
after vespucci's given amerigo

henry david thoreau
explored walden pond
jacques kerouac was
an explorer of america
robert frank also
explored america

none own what they saw
they captured images
fixed them on paper
spread them around
for others to find
and find their own way

shirt: yellow, ribbed
loc: phredhotbox
temp: 27 C
sound: Talking Heads: 77

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Anonymous said...

I just read this again, three years after first seeing it and five years after first being introduced to your work. This still makes me feel excited. That's pretty cool.