10 May 2007

another brokenjoe

thanx klyde!

while you were checking out your previously unknown neighbours in the [SWAN] II summit meeting in banff i caught sight of a not-me on screen: another brokenjoe

i created and named broken jaw press in the winter of 1983–84 while working in banff before starting studies at nscad in halifax. i don't even recall when in the years since then I started to sometimes refer to myself as Broke Joe and/or Broken Joe . . . somewhen back there. this blog, I started in august 2005. i named it brokenjoe without question or the least suspicion that anyone else was also using the name.

[maybe, at that time, this band didn't yet exist. their brokenjoe.com website doesn't state when they were formed. they have a CD out, Long Walk to Nowhere, released 1 aug 2006, consisting of "17 tracks of acoustic roots, including blues, folk, country and bluegrass, most of them Brokenjoe originals."]

i don't have a CD out. i haven't recorded or published anything anywhere with the brokenjoe or Broken Joe moniker other than this blog and my newer blog.myspace.com/brokenjoe because so many of the other [SWAN]s are on MySpace and it's easier to link from within . . .

my question, if anyone is paying attention to this blog, is what do i do, if anything, about this brokenjoe band out of toronto the good, or what do i do about me and my brokejoe blogs?

shirt: sun yellow
temp: 25 C
cound: The Cure Wild Mood Swings

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