17 May 2007

Extra American

Looking out my livingroom/studio window I see slightly different Fredericton sights than usual.

The blocks of George Street between York and Northumberland were dressed last night with USA flags and yellow Support Our Troops plasboard ribbons on houses.

I'm suspecting that some of the scenes for Sticks and Stones will be shot there today.

Suppertime yesterday, while Jon and me were viewing videopoems on YouTube, I answered a phone call asking if I'd be available to be a "pedestrian extra" today. To bring both winter and spring wear because he wasn't sure which season they were shooting in. [The weather's not sure either. after yesterday's cold rain, we got just enough snow overnight to coat the cars and buses and to leave trace amounts on the green grass and young leaves on the trees.]

I have to head out very soon, by way of the credit union, possibly Victory Meat, and the NB Filmmakers' Co-operative [for a headshot by Bridgitte], to get to base camp and my first day on this movie as an extra.

The new and temporary downtown "Brockton, MA" on the corner of York and King streets.

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Jackie said...

I went downtown today and had a bit of a shock when I saw all of the american flags everywhere. Took me a second to remember the call for extras that went out a few weeks ago. I'll be interested in hearing how it went.

Joe Blades said...

will write a "take two" when i get a few clear and energised minutes . . .