26 May 2007

spilt cement

it will harden before your eyes
turn to near-conglomerate stone
make you mark before it dries

take out the con
leave crete; how long has it been?
hair care is all sham and con

struction is what it is
no con- no de- just struck
sure a building’s built

some say the dam’s rotten
they cut to relieve stress
someday it might go

like the ever radioactive
of reactor on a fault line
. . . it only takes one

build out of target range
of atlantic submarines
downwind from then

all that dying and
moving south to méxico
or somewhere asian

can do and done
look great on paper
but rot in the heart

pray for earth
to upset its own?
even stone is fluid

loc: phredhotboxx
temp: 27 C
sound: Pocket Dwellers limited editon • ep

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