15 May 2007

Broken Pencil + BookShorts

BookExpo's VIDEO SHOOT OUT wants to offer one lucky indie artist the chance to win a complete BookShorts video production package complete with post-production.
There's no doubt about it, this is one hell of a good prize. How do you win this fabulous prize? Easy, follow these five simple steps:

Step 1.
Think of a cool video idea about your zine or your indie print project and pitch it to BookShorts-on screen! Need to get inspired? Check out some indie-created productions we love at BrokenPencil.com.

Step 2.
Dust off your Bolex, borrow a camcorder, use your cell phone, talk at the webcam, flex your Flash fingers, hey just take a photo and narrate your story to it -- all you need is a good idea and 60 seconds of rant. It's the pitch -- we'll make your video when you win :)

Step 3.
Fill out the entry form at www.brokenpencil.com/bookshorts. Send it along with your video pitch. Make sure you send that gem before midnight on May 24, or else you will be sad.

Step 4.
Forward the contest to everyone you know. There is nothing wrong with a little competition. Makes the juices flow.

Step 5.
May 25 - Visit BookShorts.com to see ALL the fab video-idea-gems, and we'll announce the Shoot-Out Winner.

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