06 December 2005


Just had a phone call from Tristis, the CHSR station manager. The preemption of tonight's Ashes, Paper & Beans is off. Melissa is too sick to get to the station, to speak, to be on air with a day of planned special broadcast programming in recognition of the sad anniversary of the Montreal Massacre (of 16 women students at École Polytechnique) and the now annual call for the elimination of violence against women.

Tris told me I am "unpreempted" and apologized for the short notice [8 hours] where preemptions require a week's notice. Instead of having one of the very few, very rare, Tuesday nights in Fredericton that I'm not live on air, I'm to pull together a not planned program and rearrange people and things to make it happen.

Expect the unexpected: a known-world Viking, The Clash & Allen Ginsberg, an Irish-Canadian poet, a Portuguese-Canadian storyteller.

T: Dragon's Breath Pale Ale
loc: comCTR
temp: -5
sound: Portishead, Dummy


Jackie said...

The beer was good

Joe Blades said...

beer and socialising was (is) very good.

Anonymous said...

Which do you prefer, beer or vine?

Jackie said...

it all depends, now dosen't it?

Joe Blades said...

who you're with, where you are, what's available where you are, you know . . . ?

Liz said...

i like both beer and wine because often when the pub has no red beer, there is red wine. It is all about the company most of the time

Anonymous said...

I agree what U said that what you are gonna drink depend on occasion, that is to say of company, place, time, and mood certainly. But, apart from that, think that making choice between vine and beer is also a matter of personality. Don t you think that not everyone ‘knows’, or maybe is better to say ‘is able’ to enjoy drinking vine?