30 December 2005

Happy last weekday!

Wouldn't it be nice if there were no more weekdays? Stop.
Not just this year but forever. Stop.
No workdays. Stop.
Just life. Stop.
Free Fridays for Frigga. Stop.
It's always someone's b'day. Happy . . . happy. Stop.
Today it's one of my publishers' b'day. Stop.
Happy birthday, Simon. Stop.
Having a short whisky for breakfast here. Stop.
Shorts or shots of Alberta Springs all around. Stop.
Cheers! with everyone at Rad. Stop.
Never saw the bookstore. Stop.
Saving it for next time. Stop.
Tomorrow is WhiteFeather's b'day. Stop.
Biggest party of the year. Stop.
It's not just for her but . . . Stop.
How many others? Stop.
Cheers! Stop.

T: History of Art
loc: comCtr
temp: 3 C
sound: Clash on Broadway (CD 1)

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