03 December 2005

Merry Timewarp Day

Happy Bonus New Years Day!

You'd thing that a wall calendar produced and published by the national trade magazine of the Canadian book publishing industry would not have mistakes but this is the second mistake on this one this year. No question that today's timewarp is a bonus. An additional and early New Year's Eve can be a wonderful thing.

WW Boyce Farmer's Market morning to start the day: samosas and schnitzel, fair trade coffee, pot stickers and pad thai, buffalo sausage and burgers, fisherhof smoked herring, mackerel, eel and maybe sturgeon, organic vegetables, turkeys, salmon, scallops, eggs, bread, Montreal bagles, turkey jerky, chili bufallo jerky, spring rolls, apples, squash, cider and so much more. Saturday morning in Fredericton in the Saint John River valley.

By 8 pm you might find me at the CD launch-concert-fundraiser by New Brunswick Latino musician Cesar Morales for his first CD. Happens at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, 732 Charlotte St, Fredericton. Tickets: $8 (students), $10 (adults); available at Mazzuca's, Underground Cafe, True Food Organics, or at the door. This is a fundraiser for the New Hope Foundation school building and scholarship fund in Rabinal, Guatemala. Supported by the Breaking the Silence Network.

T: whale by Red Crane
loc: ar(ti)s(t) studio
temp: -1
sound: Dylan & The Dead, "All Along the Watchtower"

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