16 December 2005

still weird

Haven't blogged in a week. Been too busy. Not surprisingly, I am still weird . . .

Jelena, of RAD a.d., beside one of the many historic :-) site plaques in Fredericton.

Yesterday, I drove my publisher's representative from Beograd to the Fredericton (YFC) airport after a two-week visit to moi et Broken Jaw. A select few BJP books and catalogues, a Fredericton sign, a bottle of Albert Springs whisky for the publisher, a pewter bracelet of leaves, a CD of photographs, a CD of Bon Jovi for the publisher's son, Bay of Fundy beach rocks and much more in Jelena' luggage. Ideas in our heads for possible things, book and other projects, activities to do in the future . . .

The weather was all over the place. Last Sunday was a warm plus 6 C so we went out for a walk along the Saint John River. This photo is a view from Devon looking downriver.

Meetings, books and beer, especially Picaroon's Bitter—draft or bottled. Meals of my tomato and tarragon chicken; bacon-wrapped scallops; assorted cheeses, smoked meats and pickles; ajvar; homemade jams and bell pepper jellies; breads; Alberta buffalo stew; maple-smoked Atlantic salmon, farmers' market samosas, schnitzle; a MAC Yule feast on Saturday-past of bacon-wrapped dates, curry lentils, mixed greens salad, stuffed eggs, goose and Cornish hen with cherry sauce, poached pears and BYOB . . .

Wednesday, this week, was -12 C with wind and a -19 sensation, but without the snowbomb happening in other parts of New Brunswick. I rented a car, a grey Neon, and we roadtripped to the shore> through Harvey to St. Stephen and Jelena's first view of the evil empire across the St Croix River (but without a visa to enter), a church of Tim Horton's pit stop (her first time there for coffee and donuts); then along the shore to St Andrews and fish & chips lunch, a dollar store visit; and out the twisty Glebe Road on the shore to and through Chamcook; and back to Fredericton with a stop at Pete's for a bag of live seabugs of the farewell feast (and, not surprisingly, Jelena's first lobster & fiddleheads. Liz made a great seafood chowder to start the meal (with Schooner lager in memory of her dad).

The under-renovations airport is such a confusing mess. Jelen's check-in went okay except for not getting a Frankfurt-Budapest boarding pass (but to ask and get one in Toronto during her five-hour layover). Right now she should be on the road out of Budapest in a Gea Tours mini-van heading for Beograd.

T: long-sleeve burgandy
loc: comCtr
temp: -9 C
sound: none (internal error, need to reboot)


uncle joe said...

every day I "next blog" one time and you are today's winner.(or loser if you hate this kind of crap) I love that nothing happened plaque.

jackie said...

I have to say that that is one of my favorite plaques in this fair city. It is sad to see Jelena go. I hope to see her again in the future.