16 July 2012

kazamata 7, 8

kazamata 7

notice no sanding disc

things found now
include a 31.5” max
safe stretch with
an always wear safety
glasses when using
rubber straps
more binding for use
on my hand-truck
idle at back
of the casemate
while i perform
this week

might have a return performance
with one new cast member
in the matter of a security
certificate signed pursuant
to section 77(1) (irpa) and
mohamed mahjoub in twelve
years of gitmo north not free
—griffith wants it to happen

gilbert mountain spring
delivers monday morning
water for garrison city
summer student staffers
and artists in residence

physical motion group
jumps up and down
silently throwing
alternating fists into air
above their heads—all
in a facing-each-other
circle—while being
photographed or videoed
with tablet cameras

kazamata 8

gasmask for the times
on art wall not head
cleaning nozzle
cleaning nostrils
final action spray
paint canvas on grass
police foot patrols
on small town monday
fredericton why?
moncton cops in
costumes on street
corners as construction
worker panhandler
homeless person with
filled shopping cart
issuing violation tickets
to the caught—not
through their ignorance
but whatever they did
or didn’t do—nailed

artists and journalist
photo op mingle some
eat lunch and converse
a troop of daycare
soldiers get enlisted
into british army life
twenty-four hours
a day until discharge
and canada pretends
to not have child
soldiers but cadets
belie that myth and
those words that
phrase purged from
our con government
of canada lexicon

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