15 July 2012

kazamata 4, 5, 6

kazamata 4

five feathers overhead
wedged above a pipe
in an alcove in what
once was a passage
between two casemates
now sealed with a wall
of non-period cinderblock
but sprinkler heads
track lighting electricity
and manual typewriter
aren’t period either
—similar typewriter
seen on caribbean desk
of dr no’s secretary
—a james bond 007 moment

no andré at casemate
but he worked kitchen
mexicali rosas in ex-burrito
loco until after midnight
this morning today sunday
i add a sixth feather
heritage guardhouse crew
has already erected silver
screen beside their gaol
for tonight’s casablanca
would like to see it
on big screen if awake
over eight hours from
now its start when i
usually have stopped
my day and evening

kazamata 5

found waffle cone
oil pastel drawing–artwork
near george’s wagon
on gravel parking lot:
three-scoop cone
—blue red and pink

found fabric trillium
of green leaves and
a purples five-petal
blossom layer but not
the whole flower—it’s
scattered in downtown

found in york parking lot
two notebook sheets drawn
on by young children—one
just pencil squiggles
and smudges of colour
other is vehicles:
looks like cars
and a tractor trailer
transport truck
i first thought was
a boxcar and train
engine uncoupled

kazamata 6

unexpected visitor day
sold books and have an
expression of interest
in an artwork—a canvas-
mounted photograph from
serbia and my trail
of poems exhibition

molecule emotions expert
back under the ed-ventures
tent hoping to trap people
’cause once he starts talking
he cannot stop—just goes
on and on with his knowledge
and theories on the cosmos
belief in big bang and that
god created it and us and
the downhill quality of
rock’n’roll music and
musicians today without
classical training unlike
his generation of the who
and wakeman in yes and
what’s his name organist
in the band … and today
it’s all about how many
swearwords they can pack
into what they call a song

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