21 July 2012

kazamata 15, 16

kazamata 15

open dooryard
period croquet
on guardhouse grass
in long dresses

back sore from hours
of painting and typing
with a stool lacking
back support of any sort
and no orthopaedic
in this white cave
no snow igloo
no salt dome
no cavern or karst
no whirling dervish house
beside as in blagaj
herzegovina-neretva canton

start friday with di
from china photographing
me and casemates as i’m
unlocking doors and
setting up our studio
for our last day here
before a potter
and a felter move in
saturday morning
for their week

kazamata 16

clouds and fierce sun
clouds black with thickness
and moisture without prediction
sun upside my head so hot
when it breaks through
cloud cover

don josé
with curled moustache
and gold silk shirt
in beaver fur top hat
green silk cravat
puffy sleeve shirt
and vest
upstate farm village
civil war era
lost a son

this poem
is not a nbccd
authorised vehicle
this poem
is stenciling itself
on your mind
this poem
loiters with intent
this poem
wants to party

pungent air
from someone’s smoke
cloud above explosion
a smiling skull

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