17 July 2012

kazamata 10, 11

kazamata 10

biplane on high
dirk on bicycle

solid waste commission
collects at justice bldg

raku students in studio
make pottery for friday firing

puddles of yesterday’s rain
still under barracks tent

ceiling tiles collapse in media
lab—yesterday’s rain pours in

knife-making workshop
grinds handles and blades

missed rachel and august artist
in first half of today’s shift

was in graduate education students
meeting trying to wrap-up duties

casablanca an alternate white
house—rick’s americana café

rain and fog last flight to lisbon
foggy morn rain afternoon fredericton

typewriting this poem on blue paper
just because it’s the next sheet

kazamata 11

record the rain
hitting tent gound
puddles and asphalt
so hard drops flatten
and push back other water
audio backdrop for a poem
or poems read—audio art
wasn’t on my application
neither was hand-sewing
my found mitts and
gloves into a large
mitt or glove form
—one large enough for
me to use in performance
as a sleeping bag
on sidewalk
or park bench
as another homeless
person/poet in this tough-
town fredericton capital
city new brunswick
tough on ’boarders
and alternative sports
tough on sidewalk vendors
buskers and musicians

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