23 July 2012

Report on the 31 May 2010 Presentation

Another example of my writing on the spot, more than just an observer making fieldnotes in my journal. This has since appeared, been reproduced in Kathryn Ricketts' PhD dissertation "The Suitcase, the Map, and the Compass: An Expedition into Embodied Poetic Narrative and Its Application toward Fostering Optimal Learning Spaces" (defended Spring 2011, Simon Fraser University) without acknowledgement of me as its author. Rather it is presented as "an action poem written by a workshop participant from a conference in Montreal in 2010" (p. 237). I am so not an anonymous "workshop participant" and author. The way she presents it in her dissertation I am not cited or referenced, not even as author of an unpublished manuscript and it appears that she claims copyright on my writing (and I cannot condone or allow that to happen. Thankfully, I have my journal with the untitled original, first draft, handwritten by me.

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