19 July 2012

kazamata 13, 14

kazamata 13

red square pinned
over my heart is small
yet standing together
our red square grows
when we walk we fill
streets and squares

when we are so many
crossing entrance
to fredericton
international airport
cars are stopped
some drivers and passengers
understanding : some angry
try to drive through
hit picketers with their
cars yell throw punches
call rcmp in burton

we are trying to make
our universities better
employers and learning
environment for all
who live and work
in higher education field

rally outside prime minister’s
office loud and colourful
with songs and chanting
without the squirrel
without québec students
rallied in gatineau
but prevented from
crossing bridges
into ottawa to join
us and their université
sector worker colleagues

kazamata l4

hari krishna on corner
carleton and queen
augment police foot patrols
lively up downtown
this thursday afternoon

crew of r2d2s
painted by andré
now on door

squirrels will
line their nests
with art but
they’re not good
at appreciation
or buying art

uncertain if
new royal sponge
is suitably funny
for goop on road
mail art show

actors wanted
for daytime soap
—four episodes—
only character
anywhere close to me
40-looking father
husband hard worker
who cares deeply

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