22 May 2006

A little off

Something is a little off, odd, out of sorts here. Not just me, but out there . . . in blogland. Broken Joe hasn't been getting as much of my attention of late. The onscreen display of its template [Minima Black] has screwed up somehow. When I'm looking at it on my computers the sidebar with profile, archives, and links flickers in place then disappears leaving what Froo Froo the Talking Cat would call "black, black emptiness" (—Radio Free Vestibule).

I don't understand why this is happening. For me it has only been doing this in the past few weeks, possibly a month?

Yesterday I discovered that the sidebar is now showing at the very end, the bottom of the displayed postings. Why? How do I correct it?


Unknown said...

Oh, that's odd. Your blog looks completely normal in Firefox. It's only in Explorer that's off kilter, so I hadn't noticed until you mentioned it and I checked it out. Not sure what to tell you, how to correct. Were you messing with the template? UNDO! :-) There's nothing in the Blogger Status to indicate any current probs. Maybe it'll just go away.

Kirsten said...

Looks fine to me in both IE & Firefox (at least on my 800x600 screen). I assume you got it fixed? If not, play with the width in your template. Look for the section that looks something like this. I use 490px and 180px as my main and sidebar width.

/* Content
----------------------------------------------- */
@media all {
#content {
margin:0 auto;
#main {
#sidebar {

Joe Blades said...

Did a number on several postings yesterday: replaced several "large" images with "medium" images (as they are however defined and controlled by Blogger's built-in image uploading capacity). Stuffed bounced back its norm positioning.