29 May 2006

(instead of a bike ride)

On Thursday I had a phone call from the ED of the sales group that reps Broken Jaw in Can & USA. Suggestions of an unwritten display-only option for participation in the LPG booth at BookExpo Canada running 11-12 June in Toronto: book cover poster(s), display recent books, BJP catalogues, author tour registery, and galleys of forthcoming books.

Q: All forthcoming books, or . . . ?

Get an email that evening with this answer:
M_'s suggesting, if you can, a few little samplers of aubade, instead of a galley. Then we'd be able to give it away, reach more people. If you think that's possible, let me know, otherwise a galley.
@ 22:14:41 I email rob, the author of aubade:
hey, rob,

I've been asked to make/publish an instant _aubade sampler_ chapbook for promo distribution at BookExpo Canada (&, oui, I'd make a few extra copies for you and me). I'd like your help in picking out 12 to 16 book pages of poems or poem excerpts to highlight the significant range of the book's contents. Challenge is that I need this from you by tomorrow: Friday, 26 May. I have to design, print, bind and deliver these chaps to the LPG by 9 June at the absolute latest (or earlier, if they say so). I know that I travel to toronto next week by bus for my Art Bar reading 30 May, and that you travel to toronto days later for tspg book fair 3 June and yer Art Bar reading 6 June. Doesn't leave us much time to pull it together. Take a deep breath and reply. Thanks :-)
rob phones me shortly after 3 pm, Friday. He just got online. Just saw the email. Is it okay to sent a suggested poem list tomorrow? No time now! Will be online in the morning. Gives me a book order: his own + various cauldron book series titles.

"hey," Sat, 27 May 2006 01:55:41 +0000, email:
im on accidentally now. heres the file of suggestions.

Saturday afternoon, after finding and boxing rob's book order, after biking past some band singing "take a walk in the country with me" in a tent beside Off. Sq. on my way upriver to Hartt Island and back, after realizing while biking that I was missing the exhibition opening at The Blue Door and that I didn't feel up to the crowd scene that would be in the BAG for the Rodin opening [and Rodin wasn't going to be there anyway], Liz called while I was deep in messin w/ rob's 2 AM ms for the near instant chap. When Liz & her littles arrive at The Taproom, I'm proofreading and making notes on my first and only galley of the cover and guts. Later, I went with them to their place for late bbq food.

My note inside the chapbook says:
This aubade sampler was published on the last weekend of May 2006 in an edition of 300. Printed, collated, and bound in-house by Joe Blades in the back office of Broken Jaw Press Inc., in the wild western Maritimes, on a warm, sunny Sunday when he would rather have been bike riding on a woods or riverside trail.
A box with about 250 aubade sampler copies enclosed is going in today's mail to the LPG office. rob's copies will get to him. Broken Jaw's copies will used as I choose, or as necessary (including two copies to Legal Deposit @ Library and Archives Canada). I've also posted the BJP eBook 49 (PDF) edition online, accessible from the Broken Jaw home page and from the aubade book page.

Anyone online can download and/or print the chapbook's PDF edition on five 2-sided sheets of letter-size or A4 paper. Enjoy!

P.S. This morning I've already gone for, and come back from, a bike ride of the Marysville-Gibson Trail loop in No'side F'ton.

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