27 May 2006

blog post 300

boulder in pond—
apple tree blossoms
petal green scum

Whew! Wipe my brow. Spare time or otherwise I've finally committed my 300th posting on this blog. I'm so not a blog addict but it's been good. I would like more time everywhere in life to write, not just for this blog, but I do what I can . . . and let other stuff, other ideas, slide on by . . .

Time is just like that. If it had feelings, time wouldn't care whether I slept all day, or all night, or woke up before dawn, or had a beer for breakfast, or a fried egg supper. Time is self absorbed and all-consuming, the ultimate "There it was . . . gone!"

T-shirt: Quod nos non necat etiam maxime laedit
loc: commCtr
temp: 20 C
sound: Alice in Chains Unplugged

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