11 May 2006

land titles

morning for a walk run bike
along south saskatchewan river
five road and a train bridge span
this sun this warm will raise
afternoon wind and make likely
clouds thundershowers hail
weatherbelt sweeping eastward

stepped over saturday globe
leaving bessborough hotel room
outside not-open family restaurant
on-the-street urban summer
youth in jack and used combats
punk patches and chains—no
girl or dog but feel they’re nearby

beside mccrapp’s they try to sell
me one of yesterday’s newspapers
one says you clearly have more
money you’re wearing a suit
confusing sports jacket t-shirt
jeans and sneakers for more
than he spent on piercings and tatts

honking from above . . . geese
on roof edges of adjacent office
buildings . . . quiet pigeons nearby
skein of geese fly high over top
saskatchewan land titles building
picture perfect prairie moment
souvenir of downtown saskatoon

© Joe Blades 2006

t-shirt: Beograd City
temp: 14 C
loc: Acadian Lines bus passing through Sackville, NB
sound: The Best of Tom Waits, vol 2

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