06 January 2006


There's many people that believe laissez-faire marketplace should be the only determining factor. Commercial Darwinianism as the one true control of creative output. It can't happen as long as governments expect to be a silent partner in everything legal and then some. They have to be paid-off simply to be or do almost anything. They want a cut of everything, every transaction, every land grab, every "New!" and every "New! Improved!", every surplus or profit, every death.

Seems that we're expected to acquire, consume and want. We're to pay for this through some form of income—usually acquired in exchange for some form of short-term slavery or prostitution in the labour market. To want to live simply is often seen as a perversion or travesty, a corruption of work ethic and responsibilities. Why are we born? Is it to be a cog in the machine, tool of industry, a generator of taxes? Or is it to live, to create, to share and care, to breathe and laugh, to sleep and love?

Others, though, want, expect, assume, demand that the government provide or pay for everything. That the government must do everything. Government involvement, public support, investment in the arts and culture of a peoples is a key for the participating people. For some other people, arts and culture is seen as luxury or a benefit, even an excess. How shocked would they be by the removal of all arts and culture from their lives. They'd find themselves naked, without shelter ot tools or the imagination to create.

Governments, in all their myriad forms, are the creation of humans or humanity. Government is not free-standing and it doesn't exist without the active participation of people. How a person participates in or with goverment is a wide spectrum from oppression from indifference to. If we have choice, we can choose. If we have no choice, or can't choose, what are we to do? For others, "choice" is a state secret denied.

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