10 January 2006

Pay Equity

How is it that a committee of men could decide that the Province of New Brunswick can't implement gender pay equity for its employees? How is it that a politician committee could be formed for the purpose or examining or (truly) re-examining gender-problemed pay equity in N.B. without including at least half female politicians? Are there that few elected women members of the legislature in province? How is it that eleven male apes, baboons, chihuahuas or spineless slugs could make a decision like this and not expect an outcry?

I'd like to see them lined up and kicked in the balls, each and every one of them. That's probably a sexist comment on my part. I'm sick of shite like this! I'm all for pay equity for women. I'm also all for a guaranteed minimum income for everyone whether they work or not, whether they want to be an artist, poet, employee or politician.

There are only three possible solutions:
1) Raise all women's wages or salaries to equal their male counterparts.
2) Lower all men's wages or salaries to equal their female counterparts.
3) Split the difference and make all wages or salaries for men and women in the same positions, or levels of job description defined responsibility, the same, equal, now and forever.

Simple it may seem but how much time and money, including MLA salaries, did that committee of wankers waste on making the wrong decision. Honestly, it's not even a decision. It's an issue that shouldn't have to be discussed or open for debate. It should have been implemented years ago. It still should be implemented. It MUST be implemented.

What's wrong with the employee unions for not entrenching this in their negotiations? I've yet to see a person, a politician or employee, that's not been carried to term (or as reasonably close and humanly possible) and birthed by a woman. Pay equity for women and men should be the minimum, here and everywhere!

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Jackie said...

I agree. And while we are at it, where is my pay equity? Hell, where is my pay? I'd even accecpt a tax break for staying at home to raise my kids instead of farming them out to strangers.

Joe Blades said...

Refundable tax credits for homecare and verifiable community or volunteer work hours could do this nicely.