23 January 2006

. . . and then some

I voted
It's the least I could do

The hand-truck tire was repaired gratis

Delivered vini-cvr2.pdf for printing on 80 lb silk card
They should be ready after lunch

Bought a toner cartridge for my LED workhorse
Need to keep making impressions

Collected last week's mail from the po box
(where I don't live, thank you very much)

Opening all of it at once is too much
Too many bills and membership renewals
No purchase orders or cheques

I am awaiting light snow
my rain-knee's barometer predicts
aches lowly for
after lunch

and it's time for food: sun-dried
tomato sausages and something more . . .

T: Time for a Beer
loc: ConCtr
temp: -6
sound: Tragically Hip, Music @ Work

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