27 January 2006

one wing

Think I'd rather have a Moose Red, a Picaroon's Red, a Molson Export, rather than a Labatt's Blue. They're not really all in the same party pack but you can mix them together in the fridge or ice-filled bathtub. Of course, most people who know me here, who've seen me in my local, know that I'm a "bitter" man—Picaroon's Bitter, please.

The Picaroon's crew hanging 'round in the Taproom (live reggae every Wednesday nite, live bands other times). Taproom Mug Club coming soon. I was a member of the old Picaroon's Mug Club a decade ago. Darren Emenau / MNO Pottery, of Jones Creek, on the lower Saint John River, won their mug design competition so now he's in production. Can't wait.

Monday was the federal election. While the man in the above photograph was out creating a fashion trend in headwear, Canadians coast to coast to coast were voting for their local Member of Parliament.

When the ballots are counted and tabulated it appears that the largest minority of seats has switched from the Liberal party to the reformed Conservative party. Still doesn't put them in charge. The big challenge is to forge alliances to form the govenment. Big question is: "Can the right-wing enter and turn left to control the House?" That needs a majority of seats, of MPs of whatever stripe coming together.

The meetings have started in Ottawa. From Fredericton, I will watch and wait. I'll have a pint of Bitter and conversation. What happens in Otterwater, who forms the government, can and will have a direct impact on my life and on my long-time performance artist piece as a literary publisher. I did my part by voting. I'm not a political party member. Never have been. Don't think I even like the idea, but it does mean that my role in the decision-making stopped at the ballot box. It may not be enough.

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