10 July 2011

casemate visit/ors

Vile biker in white pants, biffmitchell.com of the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang, "raiding" a poem on the unprepared and the trapped in the barrack's casemates yesterday, Saturday afternoon. Leigh to the right guarding his latest creation upon the potter's wheel.

Alas, guarding was in vain as the vessel was collapsing on itself …

Escapees from Hottawa and Chipwagon, filmmaker and chef boy Peter Evanchuck and artist Hélèn Lacelle … publishers of Books Handmade whose book projects include:

Pages of Canada anthology:
"We asked creative Canadians, coast to coast to coast to contribute a page with something creative, personal, unique—perhaps a story, a poem or a picture. The responses were amazingly different and personal. The selections in this book represent dozens of Canadian voices presenting a really modern and unusual 'feel' of Canada."

They're also purveyors of the travelling GOOP mail art project … bringing GOOP to your town … and you'll know GOOP when you see GOOP.

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