14 July 2011

casemate poems (redux) 13

argile humide the medium
wet clay for a large jar
as i cut and fold kraft
paper for my real paperbag
book's pages—enough
for two book blocks
to drill tonight at home
and bind in the casemate
on friday friday—the last day
me leigh and me here

haven't been folding words
as much as i could have
no cutting words
or carving trimming
words the poems thinner
make them near invisible
like the noxt line

your space as coauthor
to read write engage
with this poem and make
of it what you will
otherwise i could/would
keep these words in my
head and finger muscles
or flush them from my
body like other toxins

this (redux) 13 written
this artist studio week
if i glaze my poems
like leigh will the silica
and zinc grow crystals
during the firing
or will the poems burn
to a crisp and crumble
into a fine grey ash?

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