14 July 2011

casemate poems (redux) 11

breathless from this spinning earth
and my almost half century upon it

claudine came by this week:
an actor to play her
in a play about her and alden
to pay her a visit soon
the play a found play
using nowlan's poems essays
and other such texts
claudine was his wife
(and widow since 27 june 1983)
alden 50 when he died
nine months older than me
right now ... 22 years older
than jim morrisson at his death
in paris the week after i
graduated from grade four
at age nine in dartmouth
i heard alden read
in collingwood ontario
in the great canadian
poetry weekend festival
and was first published
in the fiddlehead
at unb in 1983
now i'm a unb grad student
and alden nowlan house
is my on-campus local

breathless from my running
on this spinning earth

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