08 June 2009

Two months after the fire . . .

The burnt-out building still stands. Broken glass litters the ground and sidewalks around it. Vehicles fill the parking lot daily. All the basement windows have been sealed with sheets of plywood and someone has even tried to rip those off. Pigeons roost on the burnt rafters. From the street, as I bicycle past it, I can smell the mould and the burnt-everything residue. Honestly, if for nothing but safety concerns, why hasn't the building been demolished?

Five-weeks into a new home I'm still somewhat mixed and still messed enuf to not be sleeping well every night. Many nights, but not all. Wake often, especially around 2:30 am (the time that night), and far too early (w/ the 4:30 am robins) then want to and can sleep again at 10 am. Still have over 40 movers' boxes of books (the library) and other stuff---mostly in the basement storage room. Hand scrubbing the smoke off furniture and dishes is slow and annoying. Replacing everything electric or electronic is too expensive for me to want to undertake all at once (but I've dropped several K on a new 'puter, scanner, printer, software & accessories). Haven't replaced any power tools yet. Have most of my late Gram's kitchen appliances plus her dining room set, china cabinet, loveseat (give to me in the '70s), bedding, towels, bakeware, etc. Am trying to get back on track. Have an office workspace that's good; larger rooms and more room; a recessed balcony with furniture & plants . . .

Special thanks to Cat & Tony for loaning their car several days, to Liz and her truck for hauling all the plants and more . . . especially to and from the interim hotel rooms, and to Beth for use of her car. Thanks to my parents to the furniture and dishes and for being on the lookout for more things. Thanks to Ken for the signed replacement copy of his book; to Maggie for her book, prayer and piece of spiritual palm; to Wolsak & Wynn for the set of three Jeanette Lynes poetry books including her new one, The New Blue Distance—the second of hers to have a Glen Priestly painting repro'd on the cover. Thanks to John, Ruth and Brian for an assortment of useful desks. Thanks also to Pierre and Paul; to Jackie for some dried spices and herb plants—especially the bay and lemongrass; to Cynthia for some work . . . All these things have made a great difference in getting resettled.


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