28 June 2009

Armourer for Super Geek Math Boy

From "the geek posse" drawing done by James Kirkland
a friend of Rachel Noel, Hair–Makeup–Wardrobe.
The question put to me by Art was could I make a gauntlet?

Math geek trying to be fly at a school dance.

With the very able assistance of Rebecca Flewelling
to whom I'd given the drawing, actor measurements
a calculator and my choice of compass . . .

Rebecca sewed elastic and ties on soft tan suede
then drove me to a saddle shop on Saturday morn
to buy approx. a sq foot of scrap 1/4" thick leather

Back home I measured, plotted, then cut the leather
bound the suede piece to the really stiff form
dyed the whole thing US Marine Corp black
wrapped it in paper, shoved it my my backpack
and biked to set in torrential warm rain

The finished geek gauntlet.

Super Geek Math Boy armed.

Super Geek Math Boy and the Geek Posse!

Art Thomson, Artistic Director of the Art Depart and Bunthivy Nou, Producer–Director of the film, on the cafeteria set (in Naswaaksis Middle School).

Danny Thebeau, 1st AD
Super Geek Math Boy (Mike Mallaley)
Britany Sparrow, Script Super and Continuity
on location, UNB–Fredericton campus

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